Miracles In Our Midst

God is still in the miracle-working business. Modern-day miracles reveal His power in our lives and help to strengthen our faith and encourage our hearts. Here we share some of the miracles we are experiencing here at Leander Assembly.

HEALED | Cesar de Michielli
“I was stunned knowing that all the odds were against me after suffering a type of heart attack that is known for killing people in recovery. I was still in recovery but had just run the distance of three blocks — and uphill!” … Read Entire Story (PDF)

“The next week before I saw the cardiologist, you prayed for me. After seeing the cardiologist, I am off meds. The cardiologist didn’t even ask for a follow-up visit! … I know I’m healed thanks to our amazing GOD and Jesus’ finished work! Praise Him!” … Read Entire Story (PDF)