Royal Rangers

Age 5 years – Grade 5
Meets Wednesday Nights at 7:00 PM
Leader: Warren Glass
Royal Rangers is a world-wide, widely respected program that has been mentoring future men since 1962, with awards for achievement very similar to those offered by the Boy Scouts. The whole purpose of the Ranger program is to “Reach, Teach and Keep Boys for Christ”.
At Leander Assembly, we place less emphasis on awards and more on teaching the fundamental truths of the Gospel, stressing three things boys do not hear most other places:
1. God loves them now. They do not have to”grow up first” to begin a relationship with their creator.
2. God hears and answers their prayers now. They can (and do) pray as effectively as any adult.
3. A young man does not have to give up fun or be a “sissy” to be a Christian. We use the natural love of boys for fun and adventure to reinforce the teaching of the Gospel. Boys never forget an adventure – and if their adventures include bible lessons and prayer, they never forget that either.
Royal Rangers meet under their “teepee” during good weather, or in their clubhouse in the woods at the far corner of the church campus.